History of CMK

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The Central Michigan Karate Club

45 Years of Training and Teaching Students in Central Michigan

Central Michigan Karate was started in 1969 by Mr. Don Davis on the campus of Central Michigan University.  At the time Mr. Davis was a 1st gup red belt training with Karate Institute of America.  Mr. Davis received his 1st degree black belt from Grandmaster David J. Praim in September of 1970.  Grandmaster Praim received his 1st degree black belt in October 1961 in Korea after testing in front of Grandmaster Hwang Kee the founder of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do.

Central Michigan Karate is made up of three primary locations: Central Michigan University, Mid Michigan Community College and the Harrison Karate Club.  Each of these locations has been in constant operation for over 25 years; this has resulted in thousands of students being introduced to the martial arts. 

The Mid Michigan Community College karate group in Harrison was started by Mr. Davis in 1973.  Over the years, nearly every CMK black belt has taught class at one time or another at MMCC.  The present instructors are Mr. Rick Dorman at the Harrison Campus and Mr. Chad Simon in Mt. Pleasant and the group is overseen by faculty member Mr. Chuck Bowden.

The Harrison Karate Club was started by Mr. Paul Robb in February of 1982 at the Harrison Dance and Creativity Center in Harrison, Michigan.  The Harrison Dance Center group trained for 28 years in the original building, and provided a positive role in the development of thousands of young people growing up in Mid Michigan. The Harrison Karate group is still active in a new location in Harrison and continues to thrive. 

In addition to the primary locations forming the backbone of the CMK organization, students also have the opportunity to train in other satellite locations.  The newest training location is the Endeavor Center located in Edmore Michigan.  The Edmore karate group started in July of 2012.

Twenty-three members of the Central Michigan Karate Club have been promoted to the rank of black belt. These members are, (in the order of when they received their first degree black belt): Gary Carrier, Doyle Wood, Ryan Wood, Barry Selden, Paul Robb, Chuck Bowden, Lori Zimmerman, Jack Wood, Debbie Robb, Onlee Bowden, Lori Hall, Larry Johnson, Pete Davenport, Glenn Merrill, Douglas Resseguie, Lynn LaBrecque, Christopher Richardson, Ed Hinck, Rick Dorman, Jason Jones, Kelly Case, Cia Hang and Chad Simon.

Barry Selden is currently a fifth degree black belt. Paul Robb currently holds a fourth degree black belt. Douglas Resseguie and Chad Simon hold third degree black belts.  Gary Carrier, Ryan Wood, Lori Hall, Chuck Bowden, Larry Johnson, Lynn LaBrecque, and Christopher Richardson are all second-degree black belts.

CMK  has remained active and strong over the years and its members participate in regional karate events, local demonstrations and other community activities. The philosophy of CMK is “Tradition with Progress.” The basics of karate are stressed along with the traditional elements such as discipline and mutual respect. We encourage individual growth, strive for growth as a club, and feel free to improvise and adopt techniques, teaching methods, and outside opportunities to promote this growth.

This Student Handbook was prepared to provide students with a basic guide to understanding the art of karate as well as class procedure, requirements and terminology. Students should feel free to ask questions of the instructor or higher-ranking students.

Welcome to the club!